Research & Development: How can we do better? Triad Chemicals is always open to new, exciting, research that can help us to improve our products, applications and services. We understand that the world is in constant change with new designs and technology innovations emerging daily. In order to remain competitive we must be willing to revisit our ideology and revise our technology in accordance with our customer's needs.

Triad is motivated to develop excellent business concepts that will improve our production of materials. We are dedicated to updating and improving safety testing, determining ideal levels and ensuring efficient delivery mechanisms.

Research and Development allows us to share mutually beneficial goals with our customers. While we each strive to remain independent organizations new innovations and knowledge are always ideals to be met by any company.

Triad never ceases to look for ways in which we can become technically superior so that all of our future products are not only technologically advanced, but are highly efficient and easily accessable to our customers.

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