What makes Triad Chemicals Unique? We stick with what we know. We rely on our core knowledge of our chemicals and our in-depth expertise in the manufacturing process. Meanwhile, we are open to new ideas and concepts that can help us enhance our business and grow our customer base.

  Aluminum Acetylacetonate Ferric Acetylacetonate (Fe +3 )
  Calcium Acetylacetonate Manganous Acetylacetonate (Mn +2 )
  Cobaltous Acetylacetonate (Co +2 ) Manganic Acetylacetonate (Mn +3 )
  Cobaltic Acetylacetonate (Co +3 ) Titanyl Acetylacetonate (Aqueous Dispersion)
  Chromium Acetylacetonate (Cr +3 ) Vanadyl Acetylacetonate
  Copper Acetylacetonate Zinc Acetylacetonate


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