Triad Chemicals, LLC was created in early 2002 to meet a growing void in the operations of metal acetylacetonates (AcAc). Dr. Marty Friedman, a Ph.D in organic chemistry and Tom Kerns, a thirty year veteran in the manufacture of acetylacetonates formed a partnership that would grow into a world class manufacturing business.

Marty and Tom had both left a lucrative manufacturing facility and wanted to start their own business that would sustain and impress their loyal customer base by continuing to produce high quality acetylacetonates. Shortly after the business got started, Sandy Vong joined the duo as a technical support consultant with outstanding credentials; having originally developed the process for using acetylacetonates to produce reflective glass. In particular, he is the holder of the original patent on the use of acetylacetonates in glass coating applications.

As a result, the Triad family was born. Since its inception, Triad's principles have strived to use their individual talents to build the company into the premier manufacturer/supplier of metal acetylacetonate products for the glass industry. Their combined knowledge has produced a facility that has raised the bar in the chemistry, manufacture, application and use of metal acetylacetonates. As a result, no one else in the world can provide the range and depth of technical support available at Triad.

Working together, the Triad team has taken over the US as a leader in the manufacturer of acetylacetonates and is the sole AcAc supplier to both Ford and PPG Glass. Similarly, they have set their sights on international trade and have already forged partnerships oversees, including recent business with China and Korea. With the help of Sandy Vong, who is fluent in three Chinese dialects, Triad hopes to increase their presence in the East as well as other parts of the world.

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